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With our team's experience, training and knowledge of financial products and services, our clients receive the top-quality, cost-effective financial guidance they deserve, designed to help them realize their financial goals.

Our Team

Thomas Avon Rahner

Retirement Planning Specialist

(732) 687-4988

(732) 280-9132

Cell: 732-687-4988

Avon Financial Group LLC was established in 1998, the third generation of family-owned business’ dating back to 1933. Instilled from this heritage is the Golden Rule of always putting the client first. As a fiduciary financial advisor this principle is actualized through objective advise, mutually beneficial fee-based compensation and personal stewardship of all my clients accounts. I specialize in retirement planning and asset management where my pedigree of business experience, knowledge and integrity creates client confidence and satisfaction. Financial planning and investing require constant engagement, adaptability, anticipatory thinking, and evolving perspectives. These are the keys to AFG’s clients thriving in all stages of life and market conditions. It all begins with in your shoes listening, personal designs, and effective strategies. I strive daily to exceed all of my client’s expectations.

My credentials from The Wharton School of Business and the Executive Benefits Group Specialist planning programs along with certifications as a fiduciary and principle benefit every client. But my real-world business knowledge and experience is what separates me from my peers. Since 1981, working with my family’s 50-year-old manufacturing business, I have dealt with retirement plans, asset investing, business succession, pensions and estate planning. Our brand “Know More, Live More” clearly defines our mission and client relationship ethos. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to prove the difference I make in my client’s lives.

As a 35-year resident I’ve been active in many community activities from Biddy Basketball to Wall High School referendums. I’m now the proud Dad of two amazing women, wives and Moms. I love the shore area and the people here. Inevitability life throws up curve balls so with a tongue in cheek synopsis I can succinctly describe my personal life as: married, divorced, raised two girls, dog died, still single. I currently enjoy peace and quiet, the outdoors, fitness, skiing, the ocean and formula one racing.